Alleviating Pain

For some people, living with their body’s pain is a constant daily grind from the moment they wake to long after they’ve retired to bed. Pharmaceutical drugs may ease the intensity or numb the throbbing for a few hours of peace. However, they can have drawbacks in the form of side effects or reduced efficacy over time. Where a person has reached the maximum safe dosage for their prescribed medication it may seem like they have come to a dead end with no other help available. There are cases where people suffer from depression, or find their mental well being is seriously affected. Moreover, the drugs may not necessarily help resolve the root cause of the problem.

If you are interested in a more natural way to support your body’s self healing, you may be interested in one of the therapies offered at Healthy in Mind. I work with the intention of easing the pain felt in both the body and mind in gentle non-intrusive ways so that the body can get on with mending itself. Where appropriate and with your consent, I may work in conjunction with your medical advisers. This is because I offer complementary therapy rather than an alternative to allopathic medicine. I believe in supporting the body in all sensible ways possible.

I can support your well-being with either Emotional Freedom Techniques or Reiki.

Emotional Freedom Technique's results for pain management are often impressive. In most cases, pain vanishes or noticeably reduces within a few minutes of applying EFT. Repeated applications of EFT can often eliminate chronic pains so that they need no longer re-appear. This is pain relief at its best.

For those who don't achieve instant results, EFT is still likely to provide relief. However, in these cases more sophisticated approaches are usually necessary and can be provided by a skilled practitioner. Sometimes the principle cause of the pain is one or more unresolved emotional issues such as anger, fear, guilt or trauma. EFT is ideally designed to safely and gently address these emotional issues and, once properly resolved, many physical ailments subside.

Reiki has a consistent track record in gently and effectively reducing pain experienced in the mind and body. A Reiki treatment typically leaves a person relaxed, with fewer symptoms of their condition being experienced after the treatment. A regular course of treatments can help support the body through distressing circumstances be it surgery, or treatment for chronic conditions. Reiki can be safely received alongside traditional medical treatments you may be having.

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