Podcast #001
Fear at Corona Virus

Irina Iriser

This is a tap along with EFT podcast to deal with the general sense of fear that arises with the Corona Virus. There is so much information in the news to take in every day.  We're used to our lives in the West being comfortable and normally safe. The spread of this virus has given rise to much social change from learning how to wash our hands correctly, to how we need to keep our distance.

Using EFT to ease those fears will allow you to take sensible action with a calm mind.  EFT is excellent for reducing stress levels.  When we reduce stress we support our body's normal functions including the immune system to do its work.

Using this podcast you can soften your general fear at what is happening. From there you can take better stock of how to organise your daily life using sensible steps.

You can find a reminder of the EFT Tapping Points here. If you're new to EFT, you can access a 30 minute video introduction I gave online about the modality here.

*Please wash your hands before starting to tap.*  Or if you're concerned you can wear hygenic gloves on your hands before tapping.

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Article Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020


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