Podcast #002
Things are being closed

Oleg Demakov

In recent days we've been met with a number of things closing: borders between friendly countries, schools, places of culture and social interaction, the start of a period of lock down. Several countries have declared states of emergency. This level of closing places down to slow the spread of the Corona Virus can feel overwhelming and dispiriting. In this tap along EFT podcast, join in to soothe any fears and worries you might be noticing. As you bring calm you allow yourself to think more clearly and practically, so that you can take sensible steps to look after yourself.

You can find a reminder of the EFT tapping points here. If you're new to EFT, you can access a 30 minute video introduction I gave online about the modality here.

*Please wash your hands before starting to tap.*  Or if you're concerned you can wear hygenic gloves on your hands before tapping.

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Article Date: Thu, 19 Mar 2020


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