The session

What happens during a session?
At the first appointment I will do a brief consultation to discuss what you would like help with. You sit comfortably in a chair and remain fully clothed.  You can mirror my tapping on yourself or I lightly tap on you with your permission.  We work with acupuncture points on the head and upper body that connect with all 14 meridians.  We might not necessarily work with every single meridian during different rounds of tapping.  At the same time as the tapping I lead you through word play that I devise to home in on the issue.  I try to inject a healthy dose of insight, compassion and humour to make the session enjoyable.  After working through an issue, you will generally feel a sense of calm.  I sometimes give “homework” to help you to continue working on the issue if more than one session is needed.

What will I feel?
You may feel shifts in your emotional and physical body during the session.  These could be very subtle, maybe a feeling of energy moving, but possibly stronger as deeply held emotions are brought up to be safely neutralised.  Often people experience detachment from a troublesome experience as they let go of the problem.  However, their ability to recall the memory or issue will not be affected.  All that happens is that the experience loses its emotional charge.  I offer a supportive healing space to enable you to safely bring to the surface whatever has been causing you discomfort or pain.  In the days and weeks after a session you may experience changes within yourself and your life.  There could be more letting go, more awareness, or deeper issues coming up to be healed.

How long will it take to solve my problem?
This will depend on the problem being consulted on.  Sometimes a particular problem can be resolved in one session, but if it is more deep rooted having many different angles to it then it may take a few more treatments.  However, noticeable improvement should be experienced in the first session.

Can someone come with me? 
Yes.  They can wait in a nearby room, or sit in on the session. 

Can you treat me via the phone? 
Yes.  For some people it can be comforting to treat their issues in the safety of their own home.  For others, who may have mobility or transport problems, telephone work can provide a lifeline to effective therapeutic work.  Please note that I charge the same rate for phone work as in person as the same level of my skill and time are required regardless of how we work. 

Under her expert guidance, a whole load of emotional and mental baggage was unearthed and then cleared, leaving me feeling much more positive about the future. Sejual has the ability to go straight to the core of what often appears to be a complex and unintelligable problem. She also has a number of useful tools at her disposal, meaning that she is never at a loss for how to deal with an issue.

E. Hatherley

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