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EFT Masterclass

The Energy of Hosting Successful Groups

Location : Online

Dates: Weekly, starting Tue 17 Jan at 5:00pm for 4 weeks.

Cost: £200 Pay 

International start times: 12:00 EST, 17:00 GMT, 18:00 CET, 22:30 IST, Wed 01:00 HKT, Wed 04:00 AEDT, Wed 06:00 NZST. Each session lasts 90 minutes.

Group work with EFT can be highly effective in delivering magical results for those attending. It's empowering to witness others' growth. At the same time you receive friendly support from those on the journey with you. The things others say can spark off useful trains of thought in your own healing. In essence we're talking about developing an experience that nurtures each person participating and allows for enriching outcomes.

From the practitioner's point of view groups are a powerful way to deliver tremendous value whilst using your time effectively. But there are pitfalls. Like . . .  How do you ensure that tapping demos are successful for each and every person attending? How do you stop yourself from overrunning every time? Is there a risk of taking on group energy as the host and experiencing burnout? And others . . .

Shane Rounce
Shane Rounce

In this 4 session masterclass series I'll share key ideas to making group work a successful experience for you, The Host. We'll approach each of the topics below from an energetic and spiritual viewpoint. I'll unpack each theme in an introduction, explaining key principles in my work. We'll then transform the issues you bring that cause you difficulty to that week's topic so that you start to shift your energy.

I really enjoyed Sejual sharing her wisdom and expertise. I can't wait to implement what I have learnt and empower others. Sejual makes it seem effortless and is such a natural at holding a safe space. Thank you so much. If you are thinking of hosting a group session, this is the course to register on, both for your own self development and to help others.

Arty Amarisa

Here are the themes we'll cover over the 4 weeks:

  • Session 1: Drawing the right people - being clear on your identity draws people who are a vibrational match.
  • Session 2: Creating a safe container - this may be the most significant element to why my group work is so well-received.
  • Session 3: You're right on time - expanding and collapsing timeframes to deliver results.
  • Session 4: Avoiding burnout - how can you end a group session energised rather than depleted?

Over the 4 sessions you'll start shifting your energy so that you can host groups that delight you as an EFT coach and business owner. You'll be armed with ideas and information on how to get more out of group work. I'll also arm you with clear strategies to continue any further self-healing so you can grow deeply where you need.

Each session is 90 minutes long. Maximum of 8 participants.

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