Fertility and pregnancy issues

Wanting to conceive a baby is a natural part of our growth and development as humans. However, many find starting their families difficult and an unnatural process. A healthy diet and exercise go a significant way towards helping your physical health. But if you've experienced a miscarriage, or previous pregnancy distress then you may be looking for gentle and effective ways to reduce your mental and physical stress levels. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) may be the thing to help you.

EFT neutralises a person’s negative emotional response to specific events, which are the real drivers behind heightened stress levels. High stress levels affect a couple's ability to conceive. This effective and quick acupressure technique balances one’s energy and eliminates stress from the mind and body.

Improving your mental well-being will help you feel more relaxed to conceive naturally, and enjoy the process of getting to know your baby even before it's born. I have had success with many women in helping them experience the joy of starting their family. Allow me to help you.

I am currently 15 weeks pregnant and as many women in the early part of pregnancy, I was feeling anxious about many different things. Having a C-section with my first pregnancy I was apprehensive about how I would cope with being pregnant and looking after a toddler. Through working with Sejual have I realised the effect of EFT during pregnancy and the benefits of being able to use EFT at any given point to send this unconditional love to my unborn. I am sincerely looking forward to maintaining this technique throughout the rest of the pregnancy as well as working with Sejual towards the time of labour. These sessions really have benefitted me in many ways.
Yash, London, January 2009

I also have good experience in helping many clients prepare mentally for how they feel during pregnancy as well as towards giving birth. Worry, fear and also physical discomfort are tap-able issues for the expecting mothers and also fathers. Past birth processes and all the fears and concerns about the hospitals, doctors are easily neutralized through EFT.

EFT can help with:

  • stress interfering with achieving natural or assisted conception
  • distress over previous losses through miscarriage or still birth
  • fears about becoming a mother or father
  • easing and resolving painful physical symptoms during pregnancy
  • fears that prompt a mother towards elective caesarian section when not necessarily needed
  • labour fears
  • post natal depression
  • weight management after birth.

Working with Sejual has been a truly amazing experience. With EFT we were able to dissolve so many issues. The mental and emotional blockages and the irrational fears preventing me from living the life that I want and starting a family have disappeared. Sejual also armed me with additional techniques and advice to help me on my way. I am so thankful to have found such an excellent EFT practitioner.
Yvonne, Germany, November 2007

After the birthing process you can use EFT to help with the nursing process and to soothe the little one.

To read about the success I've had in helping alleviate grief issues and ease stress levels with tapping please read my article on how EFT can help with fertility problems by clicking here. It's published by Gene Monterastelli on his popular Tapping QandA site.

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