Grief resolution

Have you recently lost a beloved friend? They might be a family member, a spouse, or perhaps a pet. Chances are they are in your thoughts regularly and they are deeply missed.

Similarly expectant parents can lose a part of their family through miscarriage before the child is born.  Grief from this experience often goes unnoticed and yet the feelings can run deep about this.

Remembering is a normal part of the process of grief, but sometimes the sadness can be overwhelming. For some it is all too difficult to handle the loss.  Where this happens, a therapy session may help you in gently letting go of the sorrow, so that you can move forward with your life whilst holding on to the happier memories. 

Emotional Freedom Techniques is a wonderful technique that can take the pain out of intense emotions to leave behind the real you. It's a good alternative to traditional counselling as we neutralise the pain instead of just talking about it.

Or you may find that Reiki helps relax you so that your body and mind can gain rest to heal you after the trauma of experiencing your loss.

A course of 3-5 such treatments can give you enough respite to regain your sense of perspective, and open up new ways of working with the issue.

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