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Name: Riki
When: Fri 26th Jun 2020

Open QuoteI have been waiting for the words to take shape to do this justice. It's taken a while, but here we go.

I have attended a few Business Energetics calls with Sejual over a period of a year. I find her to be highly empathic and tuned into a" knowing" energy field. She brings gentleness, humour and a sense of ease, and safety to the process.

I felt like she "saw" me on the first call, and I was ready. This worked like magic for me in untangling deep inner blocks to my core self. My journey with her was perhaps a bit different in that I didn't notice an increase of clients or a significant change in my business.

However, I don't think that was my most pressing need at the time. I needed to grow myself and feel more grounded in my life in general before I could grow my business. I learnt to embrace uncertainty and make some personal changes in my life. This shift has helped tremendously with the uncertainty brought about by the Covoid virus and has served me well.

The benefit for me after completing the sessions, as they evolved, has been experiencing a sense of presence, a stronger connection to my core-self. A resilience and a deeper feeling of gratitude for the simple things.

I feel in moving forward that I am now ready work more on growing my business and look forward to joining Sejual in the future at some point.

In gratitude.
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Name: Grainne O'Neill
Location: Dublin, Ireland
When: Thu 18th Jun 2020

Open QuoteI recently completed my second Business Energetics course with Sejual. It's hard to put into word exactly what Sejual does, as it is so powerful and effective in a very understated way.

Sejual brings a very warm, safe and nurturing presence to her work and over the weeks, I have seen a gradual relaxing and loosening in how I approach my business and also clarity in what I need to do next. Working with the group was lovely and Sejual created a very supportive space for the group. It was beautiful to see how things unfolded for all of us.

I would highly recommend Sejual not only for her Business Energetics but also her one to one and mentoring. A truly gifted healer.
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Name: Wildflower
Location: British Columbia, Canada
When: Tue 16th Jun 2020

Open QuoteI started Sejual's Business Energetics (B.E.) program feeling muddled and overwhelmed about direction for my EFT business. Sejual held a very integral space with clarity and grace. Her focus on gentleness, kindness and ease had a profound impact on me and my business - I achieved the clarity and focus I set out for, and then some, and it's already paying off with an increase in clients! On top of that, the experience with the B.E. group was simply lovely, it was beautiful to witness others' processes and share my own in the sacred space that Sejual's care and attention creates.

I highly recommend Sejual's B.E. - I'll be back myself when I'm ready for more magic! Close Quote


Name: E.C.
Location: St Albans
When: Mon 24th Feb 2020

Open QuoteI went to see Sejual for EFT when I unexpectedly suffered from anxiety and panic connected with a number of unusual events that had occurred in my life. When I first went to see Sejual I had significantly lost my normal happy positive confident self, I wasn't sleeping or eating and my mental health was in a very severe situation.

Working with Sejual initially helped me calm down enough to cope with day to day and then moved to full recovery.

It is now many months after I finished my coaching sessions with Sejual and I am pleased to say I am completely better and entirely myself again. I sleep, eat, feel happy and most importantly I am me again. I feel confident about life as I always had before and I am very grateful that Sejual helped me with a means to recover my mental well-being.

I would recommend Sejual to anyone similarly suffering with anxiety or depression as she really did help me get well again. Close Quote


Name: Lorraine Edey, PhD, LCSW, AFC
Location: Florida, USA
When: Sat 26th Oct 2019

Open QuoteBusiness Energetics

When I decided to take the Business Energetic course to be honest I was not sure what it was all about. It was not structured in the usual way most business courses are so I was very curious and I am glad that I allowed my curiosity to explore this opportunity.

Sejual is an intuitive, intelligent and gentle leader and instructor. This made the course that much more engaging and interesting.

I was not sure how the exercises would increase my business however I followed as directed and the outcome was beyond what I could have imagined. Or maybe I should say it was what I imagined (part of one of the exercises) that manifested.

Once I felt committed to EFT and having it as a part of my practice this opened doors for clients to come through. It seemed almost magical however I know that it was the process that Sejual took us through as well as making a commitment and befriending my business and finances.

My business has grown each month since I took the Business Energetics. I went from 10 clients a week to over 30 clients. I am so busy I now have to cutback. What a great feeling that is. I receive on average two to three new referrals each week.

I am so very grateful to you, Sejual, for helping me to accept EFT into my counseling business which has provided healing for so many, especially me. Close Quote


Name: Anna
Location: Herts
When: Wed 2nd Oct 2019

Open QuoteI began to see Sejual in 2017 for help with the anxiety and panic attacks arising from withdrawal effects of anti-depressant medication. I'd decided to come off the medication before the sessions started and my GP was aware of this. Sejual has many skills as a coach and is very intuitive in her approach. Using EFT Sejual enabled me to increase my emotional resilience and to cope with and reduce my anxieties. Her gentle support has helped me to successfully reduce my medication and cope well with my university studies. I feel I would not have been able to finish my degree without Sejual's help. I now have a more resilient and optimistic mind-set which has helped me make a successful start to my post-university life. Close Quote


Name: Jess
Location: UK
When: Sun 12th May 2019

Open QuoteSejual helped me immensely at a time when I was under severe stress, dealing with a bereavement at the same time as having to appear in a very combative BBC radio debate, something I had never done before and was deeply scared about. She gently and insightfully taught me techniques that made a significant difference to managing my hitherto paralysing nerves and led me to powerful insights into the deeper reasons behind my fear which took a lot of the sting out of it. She also helped me work through my grief, which up to the start of her help had been completely overwhelming.

I used the EFT technique she taught me both to manage my immediate nerves in the moments before my debate started - and a few days later just before a TV interview - and also to do some deeper exploratory work away from those moments of intense stress. I received a lot of positive feedback on my performance in the debate, and it even got reused by a different programme (with my opponent edited out!)

I can't emphasise enough how much Sejual helped, after just two short sessions. Her intuition and empathy are extraordinary and I feel very lucky that she came to my rescue in my moment of need, and that I now have these techniques to draw on again in difficult moments. Thank you so much Sejual! Close Quote


Name: S Roberson
Location: Hertfordshire
When: Wed 13th Mar 2019

Open QuoteMy sessions with Sejual were very helpful. She was incredibly perceptive and empowered me to understand myself and my actions with greater understanding. I was amazed at how feelings could arise in my body and through tapping and mantras they could dissipate leaving me feeling lighter and not needing to return to those feelings ever again.

She gave me a range of tools to use in my everyday life which I have continued to use.

Thank you Sejual! Close Quote


Name: Burçin
Location: Hong Kong
When: Mon 11th Mar 2019

Open QuoteI recently completed my Reiki Master Level training with Sejual. In our training sessions in person and via video link, Sejual always managed to touch on points without me even mentioning them. It felt like she has a natural gift to "tune in" into your frequency and put her finger exactly on the right things! After I had a rather disappointing experience with a previous teacher, I felt Sejual managed to pick me up and lead me to where I needed to be. I left each of our training sessions feeling more empowered and having the right answers to follow the right path on my journey! Close Quote


Name: Liesel Teversham
Location: London, UK
When: Fri 22nd Feb 2019

Open QuoteI participated in a 6-week Business Energetics workshop experience with Sejual. It was delightful from start to end!

My business and I experienced so many encouraging positive changes during that time. The main important change has been MORE CLIENTS with almost no effort! That hasn't happened in a long, long time. Referrals suddenly came in, old clients contacted me for new work, people found my website... I'm as busy now as I can manage and it's the first time that it's a possibility for me to start a small waiting list to work with me.

Prior to BE, I would "put on the breaks" energetically when I became too busy. Now, the feeling is "I don't have to put on the breaks". I can let people know that there is a short waiting list, and then work them into my schedule when I feel ready to increase my capacity."

That in itself is a wonderful shift. The group energy was beautifully synergetic, the safe, kind space that Sejual held was so loving and nurturing. I highly recommend this workshop and will be taking it again when I'm ready to level up. Thank you Sejual! Close Quote

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