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Name: Jess
Location: UK
When: Sun 12th May 2019

Sejual helped me immensely at a time when I was under severe stress, dealing with a bereavement at the same time as having to appear in a very combative BBC radio debate, something I had never done before and was deeply scared about. She gently and insightfully taught me techniques that made a significant difference to managing my hitherto paralysing nerves and led me to powerful insights into the deeper reasons behind my fear which took a lot of the sting out of it. She also helped me work through my grief, which up to the start of her help had been completely overwhelming.

I used the EFT technique she taught me both to manage my immediate nerves in the moments before my debate started - and a few days later just before a TV interview - and also to do some deeper exploratory work away from those moments of intense stress. I received a lot of positive feedback on my performance in the debate, and it even got reused by a different programme (with my opponent edited out!)

I can't emphasise enough how much Sejual helped, after just two short sessions. Her intuition and empathy are extraordinary and I feel very lucky that she came to my rescue in my moment of need, and that I now have these techniques to draw on again in difficult moments. Thank you so much Sejual!

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