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Name: E.C.
Location: St Albans
When: Mon 24th Feb 2020

I went to see Sejual for EFT when I unexpectedly suffered from anxiety and panic connected with a number of unusual events that had occurred in my life. When I first went to see Sejual I had significantly lost my normal happy positive confident self, I wasn't sleeping or eating and my mental health was in a very severe situation.

Working with Sejual initially helped me calm down enough to cope with day to day and then moved to full recovery.

It is now many months after I finished my coaching sessions with Sejual and I am pleased to say I am completely better and entirely myself again. I sleep, eat, feel happy and most importantly I am me again. I feel confident about life as I always had before and I am very grateful that Sejual helped me with a means to recover my mental well-being.

I would recommend Sejual to anyone similarly suffering with anxiety or depression as she really did help me get well again.

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