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Name: Arty Amarisa
Location: West Midlands, UK
When: Wed 21st Oct 2020

From the moment I spoke to Sejual about her Business Constellation Course I knew this is what I was seeking. Sejual has a professional and intuitive way to connect with your unspoken intentions which has been transformational for me.

During the six weeks course, I was able to share my vulnerabilities in the safe space provided to go with the flow and attract the clients I really need to serve. The timing was great as during the course I was featured on the BBC news, interviewed by BBC WM radio, launched my overdue webinars, hosted a wave of light events and eased into my own skin without overwhelm. It is an ongoing journey and it is great to be welcomed by Sejual for ongoing support.

I would definitely recommend anyone who would like to further develop their business, vocation and direction in life to give themselves this gift. Heartfelt gratitude.

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