Neutralising allergies

Allergy is the term used to describe an adverse (bad) reaction by the body to a particular substance. Most things that cause allergies are not obviously harmful, and have no affect on people who are not allergic.

An allergy is everything from a runny nose, itchy eyes and palate to skin rash. It aggravates the sense of smell, sight, tastes and touch causing irritation, extreme disability and sometimes fatality. It occurs when the body's immune system overreacts to normally harmless substances.

In Britain 12 million people currently suffer from pollen allergies every summer, whilst government estimates suggest that a third of the population, about 20 million, will develop an allergy at some point in their lives. Allergies appear to be on the increase: cases of asthma, hay fever and eczema have risen between two- and three-fold in the UK over the past 20 years. Source of statistical information: BBC News Online article

If you would like to enjoy your life more fully and be released from the prison of fighting your allergy, then I can help. I work mainly with Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) when helping allergy sufferers as it is a gentle technique that easily and efficiently allows a person to escape the limitations imposed on them by their problem.

By tapping on meridian points and through the use of wordplay, we strip away each layer of the issue to permanently neutralise the irritation it was causing the body.

EFT usually provides remarkable results for allergies. In most cases allergic symptoms vanish within a session or two of applying EFT. Also, repeated applications of EFT often eliminate allergies permanently so that those foods, pollens, perfumes, etc. no longer bother you.

For those who don't achieve instant relief, EFT is still likely to improve or completely resolve the problem. However, in these cases more sophisticated approaches are usually necessary. Sometimes the principle cause of allergies is one or more unresolved emotional issues such as anger, fear, guilt or trauma. In my experience, allergies are sometimes physical manifestations of these bothersome memories and EFT is ideally designed to address them. Once they are properly resolved, many physical ailments (including allergies) subside.

Click here to read of a published case study where EFT proved successful in resolving one person's struggle with 80 individual allergies.

For more information on allergies, take a look at the website for Allergy UK , a leading medical charity seeking to help people with allergy, intolerance and chemical sensitivity.

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