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Business and Performance issues

Taking EFT into the Corporate Market

Corporate Time Management with EFT Workshop

Tips on EFT Language for a business audience

EFT for sports performance

How to get non-profit organizations to host EFT group meetings

The Mindset of taking EFT into Companies

Business Energetics

Introducing the wisdom behind Business Energetics

An Integrated EFT Approach: Business Energetics

Looking deeply into your business relationships

Joan Kaylor interview - increase profits with Business Energetics

Drawing on Ancestral Wisdom to Grow our Businesses


Audio interviews with Sejual

Interview by Gary Craig on getting EFT into the corporate market

Radio interview on EFT and the Law of Attraction

BBC Three Counties Radio - interview on natural pain relief

Joan Kaylor interview - Unhealthy relationships are the core problem in business

Joan Kaylor interview - the importance of being Present

Introducing EFT - interview with Jean Supin


Other issues

EFT and the Law of Attraction - the incremental approach to abundance

More than 25 years of physical pain resolved with EFT

Resolving Depression with EFT

The Power behind the EFT Points

Interesting uses for tapping on the hand points

Irregular heart rhythm problem eased with EFT

Healing rape distress with EFT

The Bundling Movie Technique

Overcoming a lifelong fruit revulsion and some side benefits

How supressed emotions can give rise to health problems


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