Management Training:
How to be a Happy Leader

Happiness is rarely included in a job description for a leader. Yet, it’s a quality that management teams at Google, Zappos and other financially successful companies openly cultivate in training programs for their staff. Through scientific research these companies have found that happy leaders make more money. Their high profits lend evidence to this view.

Happy leaders role model how to behave under pressure - their behaviour is not driven by negative emotions. Instead they understand and believe in what motivates their actions. They retain a sense of humour and perspective, and are extremely resilient and focussed. Yet at the same time they are approachable and open to ideas and new opportunities.

Happy leadership

If happiness is so meaningful, how do you grow and sustain it? Stress, irritating colleagues, delays, and heavy workloads do their best to diminish happiness levels. As a leader you cannot ignore these problems. What other way forward is there?

This 1 day workshop gives a radical approach in how to deal with the pressures of leadership constructively and practically. It is designed to be delivered in-house in a company or organisation for your staff.  When you bring your leaders together to learn and apply these ideas you’ll notice a greater impact on your organisation.  In addition, this enables the workshop to deliver more of a lasting effect.

The course content provides ways to go beyond coping with leadership pressures, to instead leverage the opportunities created for better performance and self-development. Specifically, it will help to:

  • improve your practical ability to be happy, comfortable and effective as a leader;
  • make this often unconscious part of ‘the job’ easier and more natural;
  • free up more energy for inspired action and the quality-thinking that is sometimes squeezed into the ‘non-working’ hours.

Instead of trying to manage the uncontrollables around you, you’ll learn how changing your mindset is an efficient way to bring about healthy change. As you learn to master your fears and worries, you tap into an ability to influence your environment for the better. Drawing on the science of positive psychology, you will learn logical ways to deal with challenging areas under your leadership.

In addition, you will learn a technology you can apply to lastingly melt away your own specific negative emotional responses. The course provides practical experience in this tool, and will empower you to continue to use it afterwards to actively resolve challenges, giving you the freedom to be a truly happy inspirational leader.

Your trainers are:

Guy Longshaw is a management consultant, executive coach and workplace mediator specialising in stress transformation and resilience in individuals, teams and organisations. Prior to consultancy, his 20 years’ management experience spans marketing, strategic planning, project and programme management, employee engagement, culture change, and sales and business development.

Sejual Shah coaches business people and executives in practically raising their EQ levels to be more successful. Since 2006 she has also run performance enhancement workshops for companies in the UK and the rest of Europe. She works primarily with a technology called Emotional Freedom Techniques, and is an accredited EFT Coach and Trainer. Sejual spent 5 years of her career working as a competition law barrister in Brussels and London.

Please contact Sejual or Guy to find out more about the How to be a Happy Leader workshop and ways to bring it to your staff.