• My coaching is all about transformation. I witness beliefs and emotions change easily. This then leads to helpful kind change in your outer world. Benefits come rapidly, often from the very first conversation. That’s just the starting point.
  • I’m a deep listener to both the words you use and what has yet to be given expression.
  • I’m highly regarded for my intuition. I use it to ask better questions; not to tell you what you do.
  • I believe in the power of getting the heart and mind on the right track before taking action.
  • My business clients value my business brain. I worked as a competition law barrister for 5 years. In that time I dealt with industries that include the delivery of professional services, the commercial aspects of international sport, aviation, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure projects and financial services.
  • Viscerally, I know that success can be achieved through easy steps. That’s a key element of my coaching model. Easy, in my book, is also about what is deeply satisfying and successful.
  • My key values include: empowerment, freedom, kindness, win/win and integrity. You’ll hear me use them early on in any coaching conversation.
  • My training as a barrister taught me to ask brilliant questions. The answers you offer to those lead to powerful shifts and changes for your benefit. The art of asking insightful questions can feel like a key unlocking a long closed door. We always do this in a safe and respectful way.
  • I’m known for the ability to draw on deep wisdom beyond my years. Clients of all ages have commented on this. I don’t ‘know’ how I do it. Except I know that my words carry weight because I operate from a relaxed mindset. That comes from being Present to what is showing up in the moment with you.
  • It’s not in my nature to project on a loudspeaker. Brilliance shines all the more for being book-ended by quiet. When I do speak you will most definitely hear the clarity of my ideas.
  • I adore the colour purple.
  • I ‘get’ industries I haven’t worked in directly. That comes from listening deeply and asking insightful questions. Within 20 minutes of talking I’ll be able to ask you useful questions that will help you move forward.
  • Experienced coaches hold me in high regard because of my ability to shape a fast-paced session that is full of valuable content. Clients regularly say that in 60 minutes they’ve gotten far more value than they have paid for.
  • I always pace a session to match the client’s needs. I’m not interested in overwhelm. That’s because your progress would be slowed. Rich levels of productivity arise out of a well-measured approach.
  • I’m a fanatical foodie. And people rave about my home cooking. I’m a lifelong vegetarian. I’m fascinated by new ingredients and flavours.
  • I’m fluent in 3 languages. I can get by in several others. I've lived and worked abroad in France and Belgium.
  • I don’t do push. I’m not interested in merely motivating another. It doesn't work.
  • Clients regularly laugh and cry in sessions – for all the right reasons. They leave a session having felt helpful relief. I love making clients laugh. I offer a kind safe space for tears to be shed if they would benefit in coming out. I’ve been accused of hiding cut onions in my coaching space or vodka in the drinking water!  I'm teetotal.
  • I work in person, by phone, and an online audio-visual platform. My clients go all the way to New Zealand and back home to the UK.
  • I am a Trainer of Trainers for EFT International, the largest body internationally that accredits EFT training. I've been in full time practice with EFT and Reiki since 2006.

  • In my own time, freedom means being outdoors hiking or exploring.
My Qualifications

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